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The REACT system has been developed in conjunction with the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) to help visually impaired people orientate themselves by providing them with valuable audible information in the high street environment.

What is REACT?

REACT is a talking sign system that helps visually impaired people find their way around. It has been successfully installed in a number of city centres around the UK including Leeds, York, Golders Green London, Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol, to name but a few.

How does it work?

The system consists of a number of strategically placed speaker units often located on lamp posts, street junctions and on public buildings and shops. These are activated by a visually impaired user carrying a trigger module. When the trigger module is within 8-10 metres of the speaker unit, the unit is activated to speak.

Each unit has a recorded message which tells the person information about where they are, as well as the layout of their immediate surroundings and location of assistance points. For example, "You are now standing outside Jones Chemist; opposite the chemist is the Building Society and the Tourist Information Centre."

The Newbury REACT project

The West Berks Disability Alliance is running the REACT system for Newbury Town centre. The system provides visually impaired people with a vital service to enable them to walk confidently and independently around the town.

If you would like to support this project or have any ideas for fundraising activities, please contact:

Mick Hutchins on 01635-31912 or Ron Renton on 07833-448837

The Trigger Module

Trigger modules are available for local residents from Mick Hutchins on 01635-31912 or John Carr 01635-45484. Alternatively, trigger modules may be borrowed from Newbury Shopmobility. The trigger modules are compatible with all the other REACT systems operating in the UK.

Phase 1 of the installation of speakers in Newbury has been completed and the React system was officially launched on September 7th 2005 with 11 speakers.

Phase 2 of the REACT project is now also complete giving a total of 26 speakers, the launch and plaque unveiling was on 3rd November 2009.

Click HERE for speaker location map.

The future of React

I will keep you updated as to where and when new speakers are installed.

We are also hopeful that React speakers will automatically be incorporated into all future developments in the town such as the Park Way Development and the Market Street Scheme.


Updated 7th December 2009